Condominium management

Condominium management of the highest instance!

We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of condominium management, as part of which we undertake operational, maintenance, financial, and legal tasks. It is important for us to preserve and modernize the technical value of the property entrusted to us by renovations as well as to operate the property rationally and profitably in all circumstances, to the satisfaction of both the owner and the tenants.

We know exactly what a condo needs, so:

  • we provide for joint representation before courts and other authorities,
  • we organize and supervise operations,
  • we record and regularly inspect the equipment and fixtures of the condominium,
  • we schedule and manage planned renovations
  • we’ll keep in touch with the residents and key service providers.
  • we will prepare the budget reports,
  • we hold ownership briefings, monthly budget, and annual general meetings,
  • we handle claims for damages and insurance cases,
  • we fix unexpected errors,
  • and we provide availability 24 hours a day for a seamless service.

In addition, we are fully responsible for the maintenance of the condominium, the professional technical work, ie:

  • we're in charge of maintenance, cleaning,
  • we'll make sure the property is secure (regular contact, lightning and fire control, alarm control, necessary repairs)
  • we schedule and supervise maintenance of plumbing and electrical systems, carpentry, thermostats, fire extinguishers, boilers and machinery parks
  • we fix unexpected errors,
  • we pay attention to waste transport, selective waste collection and proper management of hazardous waste,
  • for this reason, we are available to the owners and tenants every day of the week.

We manage the finances of the property entrusted to us in the spirit of transparency,

  • accurate, up-to-date accounting,
  • debt management,
  • with day-to-day banking
  • providing budgetary services
  • by drawing up an annual financial statement
  • with the guarantee of the annual audit
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