Project management

From demolition to construction, from design to delivery, from sale to management!

Lakópark Group tries to provide its customers the best service and the most professional help so that we can make the most out of the properties and give the tenants a real home and for you, a profit!

However, the greatest value can be achieved in a project if we are already involved in it from the initial phase. Thus, the monitoring of the planning and construction process will be in the hands of an expert, and further management of the completed properties will be in our hand. Since we know all the details of the project, you can trust us to handle the sale as we know the property in and out! After sale or rental, we can manage your property further, since the condominium management can also be found among our services! 

If you would like to develop your property later on, then we are also at your disposal, the planning of the restoration and development of the real estate, the organization and control of construction works are also part of our project management service!

Allow us to make the best use of your investors’ interests, we will provide you professional help from the very beginning of the project, even in the planning, construction, sales and management! Why distribute the implementation of the project among several professionals if it can be held in one hand, and a reliable, transparent project management can take all the weight off your shoulders!

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