Facility management

In competent, safe hands!

We believe in clean and professional-looking properties that are not only more value resistant but also guaranteed to be more homelike. We undertake to perform the duties of caretaker, technical tasks and concierge, with maximum attention to the needs of the residents.

Our service package includes cleaning, horticulture and other custodial tasks, such as:

  • professional cleaning of common areas, driveways, walkways and underground garages,
  • gardening
  • maintenance of parking and roof
  • weekly inspection of mechanical equipment (automatic watering system, aeration system, elevator),
  • performing technical tasks around the house, such as replacing light bulbs and filters,
  • examination and reparation of errors reported by residents,
  • immediate treatment of emergency situations and urgent problems
  • technical advice for residents
  • contact and guarantee management with third-party companies,
  • 24 hours per day availability
  • also providing concierge on demand, with a 12-hour or 24-hour work schedule.

The key of our facility management service is flexibility and being up-to-date. Our engineer provides immediate availability in case of emergency, as our concierge service also can provide a continuous service of 12 or 24 hours, furthermore, our staff can solve the sudden technical problems of the residents immediately!

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